Friday, March 6, 2015

This Week's Outfit Pick: Knit Sweater & Skinny Jeans

There are those certain items, once on you feel like you can conquer the world, for me it's a pair of heels and skinny jeans. Thankfully, I don't ever have to worry about those items going out of style and for as many times as my style changes in a year I know I can rely on those pick-me-up items.


In my winter closet, the essentials go as listed: 
  • Chunky Sweaters - every woman should have at least one.
  • Skinny Jeans - right now I'm feeling the high waist.
  • Booties - a pair with a little extra flare is always a nice touch to any outfit.
  • Clutch - studs are a must for me, probably always and forever. Plus, they have a dual purpose of protection, safety and style go hand-in-hand.
As far as I'm concerned, these are all I need to strut the streets.

To my surprise, Corvallis offers some amazing backdrops throughout the downtown alleys. Beware, the streets were rough and I have to admit, even as a veteran heel walker, I may or may not have rolled my ankle in a pothole trying to look cute. Oh the cost of being an awkward person trying to be cool.

The Dets:
Sweater: GAP
Skinny Jeans: GAP
Shoes: Qupid
Clutch: GAP


  1. Great look! Love the sweater it looks super cozy :)
    xx Ama


  2. Good to see you modeling your own designs...I've always known there was no one more beautiful than my daughter!